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how to play

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Let’s get started! Click a button to reveal a prize! But choose carefully! There’s a Game Over in each row!

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Great choice! You could have earned an entry!

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The entries you earn are tracked here.

Each row corresponds to a prize.

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Okay! Let’s try for a bigger prize! Prizes increase in value as you climb the pyramid. Choose another button to reveal a prize!

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Hey! You’re pretty good at this! You’d have earned a chance to win a second prize!

Things are getting riskier though! One wrong click and it’s game over!

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If you get a game over, you’ll lose all the entries you’ve uncovered this round! You can stop and save what you’ve collected anytime — or — you can keep going for a chance to win bigger prizes!

Plus, double your entries when you collect all three gold coins!

Let’s play it safe for now. Click this button to save and exit.











Get 2x Entries!
Collect all three coins